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by Kinetic Webs on January 16, 2011

Although we use a paid fee service that offers more branding capabilities for our RSS feed, the majority of our clients use Google’s free service called Feedburner.

This post is not to offer distinctions between the two though I may do that one day, but to illuminate a feature that I think many bloggers are unaware of that I think would be valuable to your readers if they receive your feed as an email in their inbox.

First and foremost…if you are using Feedburner, check to see that your posts are available for users to sign up for via email subscription. Login to your account and take the following actions:

  1. Click on the Publicize tab
  2. Click on Email Subscriptions in the left column
  3. At the bottom of the right section, select Activate. Once activated, links to your Feedburner RSS feed will now show an option to allow users to sign up for an email subscription in lieu of using a reader. This choice means that notice of your posts will be sent to them via email.
  4. You can also capture the code for the Email Subscription form if you want a form to display on your site. This is optional.

The default information that is displayed when an email notification of your post is received by your reader in their in-box has your blog name and/or text you’ve chosen inserted in the From and Subject columns and does not provide any information for your readers on the content of your post and would look something like this:

It’s easy to make a modification in your Feedburner account and have your readers receive your posts with the subject line showing the Post Title, like this:

It’s a simple solution. In the same section in your Feedburner account (Publicize/Email Subscriptions) click on the section under Email Subscriptions for Email Branding.

This section allows you to customize some aspects of what your email will look like. For the purposes of this post, we’re just concerned with the section labeled Email/Subject Title:

The default setup will have your post ‘From‘ field duplicated in your ‘Subject‘ Field (see the 1st image above for some examples). To have your post title replace this 2nd occurrence, simply remove the text in the Email/Subject Title: field and replace it with:


Save this information and each post created and delivered via email through Feedburner will now show the title of your current post in the subject line. If you want to customize the subject to include your text that shows along with the post subject; simply include it on either side of the code and it will display along with your post title; for example:  Our Latest Blog Post – ${latestItemTitle} – See some examples in the 2nd graphic above.

I think it’s a huge value to your readers to be able to know what your post is about and catch their eye with your amazing content…right?

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