About our Company

Kinetic Webs, LLC was originally founded as Interactive Design Group in 1995 and has made major transitions to keep up with the technological changes in this industry; but always keeping these basic principles as our foundation – to provide customers with excellent service and support.

We have grown from a company that started doing small brochure type business sites to accommodating all variety of business needs, from small to large; static to dynamic.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves on offering extraordinary responsiveness to your needs and developing long term client relationships. It is our desire to provide you with the best in web services; including development, hosting and email list services.

Our principal, Barbara Kiebel, also owns Vino Luci, a boutique that specializes in gifts for the home and Creative Culinary, a food blog where she posts recipes and shares her food photographs.

We develop the majority of our sites today using WordPress, known primarily as a blogging platform but also customizable for use as a straight Content Management System website. This platform fulfills a great majority of the needs of many of our small to mid size clients with content management and/or blogging  capabilities and we have the expertise to customize your site to unique designs and specifications.

We also offer custom development if you have specs for your site operation that are unique. Give us a shout if you have something that you want to discuss.

Our move to WordPress will allow us to develop blog articles we hope will be helpful to our clients, both present and potential.

If you have any questions or would like to setup a free 30 minute phone consultation; please contact us at your convenience.